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UICKFIT < is a safe and efficient fastening component, which is suitable for the fixing of seat cover on foamed cotton. < Design > Adaptation curve. Can achieve a longer, non-jointed groove line. Feasibility > Superior self-calibration function shortens fastening working hours. Assembly > can be operated from outside the seat skin and complete the whole assembly operation. It is recommended to use with QUICKLOOP <. Purpose: Referring to the productivity of QUICKFIT < fastener, the vehicle/vehicle commodity type contains iron monofilament. The operator can easily and quickly place QUICKFIT < fastener on the groove die. The "self-calibration" function of QUICKFIT < fasteners can improve the installation speed and productivity of operators, thereby improving production efficiency. How to use Seat Foaming Chart < After Foaming > YKK suggests that QUICKFIT < and QUICKLOOP < be used together to improve efficiency. When QUICKLOOP <> and QUICKLOOP <> are bonded

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