spirit of enterprise

IntegrityAbide by national laws and company systems, never violate the high-voltage line of the enterprise; put morality first, adhere to the important principles of fairness, honesty and trustworthiness; use the power of integrity to have a positive impact on the surrounding.

Enterprising: conscientious and efficient implementation; Courage to take responsibility and meet challenges; Continuous learning and pursuit of excellence

CooperationOpen and win-win cooperation mentality, sharing industry growth with partners; overall view of common progress, able to cooperate with other teams to achieve goals; willing to share work outlook, accumulate professional knowledge and work experience, and grow together with colleagues.

Innovation: dare to break through, dare to try, not afraid of failure, good at summing up

Service concept


Respect customers, understand customers; Find needs and move customers

Enterprise culture
Enterprise culture

cultural concept

Corporate strategic vision:Become the consistent leader of zipper sales industry in China

Corporate Mission:Professional achievement trust



Business philosophy

Unity, steady development, honesty and trustworthiness, down-to-earth

Enterprise culture
Enterprise culture

Service Purpose

Service is the core competitiveness

Touching customers, VIP treatment, responsibility first, personal consultants,

Efficient and fast, smiling service


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