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No. 7 green bronze closed tail zipper

Types of Zippers: Closed Zippers (C), Open Zippers (O), Reverse Open Zippers (M), Closed Zippers (C), Closed Zippers (CX), Double Zippers with two ends opposite to each other and two sides opposite to each other, basic types of zippers that can be opened and closed (free, automatic) from the front or back. DS, GS, DP, DUA, TA, TF, T-key lock puller, double puller, puller, puller, which has no locking effect at any position of the carcass. The hand is locked automatically as soon as it leaves the handle, and the hand is unlocked automatically as soon as the hand is pulled together. Hand-in-hand sagging state is locked, hand-in-hand standing state is unlocked. Semi-automatic pull for jeans. The claw attached to the handle acts on the zipper teeth and is locked. A handle can move along the turning track and can open and close the zipper from the front or the back. (automatic) resin type automatic head, lock head using metal material. Resin type lock-free head. Lockable by key

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No. 7 green bronze closed tail zipper

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7th silver silver open zipper

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