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New Wanhao's third outdoor event 

New Wanhao's third outdoor event 

Wanhao International Trading

In order to make the team more united and more competitive, we held the third outdoor development activity on November 3, 2018. 

Every employee uses the wisdom of the whole body to think about the team name, slogan, formation and so on.

The first thing we did was to expand the training activities: empty interruption bridge, rock climbing, rushing out of the jungle, CS gun battle. Empty break bridges and rock climbing challenge the courage of every employee. Rushing out of the jungle and CS shootouts requires teamwork and cooperation, so that employees can feel that the energy and effects generated by teams with common goals are incalculable, so that each employee eliminates self-awareness, obeys leadership, and obeys command. Through this activity, the team unity was strengthened and the team's confidence in overcoming difficulties was enhanced.

In the evening, we passed the tour of the Tangbo Hot Springs, so that every employee relieved fatigue and released their mind and body.