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Under normal circumstances, the copper alloy chemically reacts with chemicals such as acid\alkaline\oxidizer\reducing agent and sulfide, and forms a color salt.

Metal zipper guide

1. When the metal is discolored    

Under normal circumstances, the copper alloy chemically reacts with chemicals such as acid\alkaline\oxidizer\reducing agent and sulfide, and forms a color salt. If the surrounding materials are rich in these chemicals, the metal parts of the zipper such as zipper teeth/heads \Upper stop\lower stop and opening parts will change color, and such chemical reactions can easily occur in high temperature and humid environment. For example, if the product is packaged with a steam iron during the sewing process, or for a long time Placed in a polyethylene bag, it is very likely that this reaction will occur. The colored cloth that produces the reaction will change color, and the sulfur-containing cloth will discolor the copper alloy and cause stains.

♦ Wool fabric

The metal zipper on the bleached wool fabric undergoes a color change reaction. Generally, the wool fabric is bleached in the following ways: (1) bleaching with an oxidizing agent (hydrogen peroxide, etc.) (2) bleaching with a reducing agent (Asia) Sulfate, etc.) Also, some wool fabrics use oxychloride to prevent shrinkage.

Products that are bleached (especially sulfite or oxychloride), if not sufficiently washed or neutralized, produce a gas (chlorine or sulphur oxide gas).

These sulfites or chlorinating agents also react directly with metals in humid environments. For example, if wool fabrics are placed in a bag immediately after ironing and placed for long periods of time, the resulting chemicals and gases will The metal part of the copper alloy zipper is discolored.

Therefore, please observe the following precautions:

* Use fully washed and dried wool fabric.

* After the product is ironed, please fully place it before packaging.

♦ Leather products

The color change caused by the residual tanning agent or acid after the tanning process. The commonly used tanning agents are sulfuric acid or other inorganic acids\chromium compounds\tannic acid and acetaldehyde compounds. Because the main component in leather is animal protein. The leather itself is not iron to remove these chemicals used in tanning, so a large amount of chemicals will remain. When these leathers are in contact with metal zippers in a humid environment for a long time, they will cause discoloration of the zipper. In this case:

* Please use the leather that has been thoroughly washed and neutralized after the tanning process.

2. When the metal zipper causes pollution to the final treatment of clothing or other products

♦ When using GKB and GK gold and copper zippers

When the product is dyed and surface treated, acid substances or oxides will remain on the clothes, and they will chemically react with the GKB and GK metal zippers, causing partial contamination of the fabric, especially white or light-colored fabrics. In addition, the zipper is also May react chemically with reactive dyes. In this case:

* Please use the fabrics that are fully sea and dry.

♦ After being treated with water, paraffin will be transferred to the fiber

In order to make the zipper slide smoothly, the zipper teeth are coated with paraffin. When the metal zipper is sewn on the waterproof fabric, the paraffin will melt during the ironing process and transfer to the fabric to cause pollution. In this case:

* When ironing, please put some paper or cloth between the fabric and the zipper and then iron it.

♦ Fading and discoloration of cotton fabric treated with reactive dyes

The reactive dye in the dyed cotton fabric contains metal ions. Under wet conditions, the dye reacts with the copper alloy, causing the fabric to fade or discolor.

* After over-dyeing, dry thoroughly and store the product in a dry place.

* Avoid enclosing clothing in plastic or vinyl bags

* Avoid storing or displaying clothing in a hot and humid environment.

3, zipper size and measurement method

When measuring the length of the product, the zipper must be completely closed. The size of the zipper product is marked with tolerance (tolerance), please note.

product size

Allowable difference in marking size

Less than 30cm

Within ±5mm

30cm or more and less than 60cm

Within ±10mm

60cm or more and less than 120cm

Within ±15mm

120cm or more

± within ±2.0% of the marked size

* Please note the difference in tolerance between metal zipper and resin zipper.

* Special products or product sizes with special conditions, sometimes cannot comply with the tolerances of the left table.

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